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For all the cows..
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have a nice life$$ .nublog_entry {height: 150px; overflow:auto; ..... }
me i think. most of it is correct.

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Age. 0
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Ethnicity. white
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i guess this is me
all of this is truly me. everything in here. once u kno me enough ull notice it.

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been 2 fucking months!
Thursday. 4.14.05 6:03 pm
its been 2 months and i havent updated. thats cause we forgot to pay power so we got cut lol. but it wasnt 2 months this all happened. my dog died 2 weeks ago and ive had him before iw as even born. its freezing here and i miss home. im gonna go. i gotta practice my drums.

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been too long
Monday. 2.14.05 5:11 pm
i just realized i lost my friends. i told them id call them but i dont have a cell phone yet. i got my fone recently and i called shaun and he said that he and all the others thot i forgot bout them. i cried cause i knew it wasnt true. my mom doesnt help much. i did a cigarette and my mom caught me but didnt care cause she knew i was going to be really depressed. this happened weeks ago and i havent gone to skool since. i didnt think it would be this hard i was happy when i first came here cause people rnt scared to come up to me and make friends. but then i realized hey i need to still keep in touch with the others. i gotta go i need to call some peoples. bye

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im bgack!!!!!!!!!!11
Monday. 1.24.05 3:27 pm
im in cali. and the ride sucked. i had to drive thru snow and rain and other shit. but god it was boring!!!!!!!1i had the tv but of course the game system doesnt work and i remembered that once we drove off. so i was screwed but i did read bout 4 stephen king books. favorite author. i read salems lot, it, and a few of the green mile books. it is my favorite i remembered watching it on tv then renting it. g2g unpack bye bye. oh yea and i unpacked the computer first so i could do this lol. bye bye

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Wednesday. 1.12.05 2:49 pm
moving to cali. be back in a few weeks. bye bye

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Wednesday. 12.29.04 11:56 am
after a few months me and briana r officialy resolved between our problems. we have been this way but we still had a few things we were hiding. i told her she cried and when she told me i had no emotions wat so ever. i really have no emotions. even tho it says i do on my list of names thingy. i gotta do my real name c wat it says. well im done. bye friends. oh and midnight just try to resolve it. itll work out.

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Friday. 12.24.04 6:08 pm
there is nothing to do. i can surely wait for this year to end. i dont want it to end. too many memories r locked insise of this year. merry christmas everyone. bye

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